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White premium 

This traditional twill, that can be used for either business or formal shirts, has an excellent opacity. Simple and elegant, it is THE essential for any masculine wardrobe. 

Azure blue 

This light blue is perfectly timeless. Its luminosity gives a lift to darker outfits like a gray suit or brown chino slacks.

Dusk blue 

With its grayed reflections, this fabric offers great flexibility to match with most outfits. It can work as well with a navy blue tie at the office as with rough jeans worn during the weekend.

Graphic blue 

These fine, light blue stripes give a second life to the classic stripe. The thin lines offer a feeling of uniqueness. This uncomplicated fabric can easily be associated with beige pants.


White premium stretch

A twill weave so tight that we only notice it when we look at it close-up. This fine-thread twill fabric wrinkles less since the structured texture is just slightly thicker than poplin.

Air blue 

This discreet blue is an excellent alternative to the ubiquitous white shirt. Cheerful and summery, it can be worn outdoors … or at the office.

Celestial blue 

The warm accents of this fabric take on a superb, summer sea tone. An ideal way to subtly energize a dark outfit.

Ocean blue 

This cool, deep, yarn-dyed fabric uses two shades of blue on both the inside and outside. With its modern look, it’s the ideal addition to any casual outfit.