Request for labels

Request for flyers

INDUO® labels are free, it is up to you to sew or attach them to your garments. They let the consumer know he will benefit from the INDUO® guarantee.

You can ask us to send you some explanatory flyers. These flyers are to be given to your clients when they buy an INDUO® fabric garment, so that they can understant the technology and remember the care instructions.

Sales brief

To help explain the technology and benefits of INDUO® fabrics to your sales teams and the salespeople in your boutiques.


Once you ordered fabrics, INDUO® can provide you handtags to hook up to them. These little cards indicate all the specifications of the concerned fabric such as the reference, name and weave type. Everything you need to know in a nutshell !


These catalogues present the properties of our fabrics and the entire INDUO® collection in a refined book.

Samples box

INDUO® can send you sample boxes of our entire fabric collection. You will be able to see and touch the fabric, helping you to choose to best-suited one for your project.

Presentation Booklet

Display unit

We made these elegant presentations in several sizes for you to discover in more details INDUO® and its products.

If you ask for it, we can send INDUO® displays to better identify products in your boutiques and catch the attention of your clients with a simple, yet elegant presentation.


We sell demo boxes for your store in order to help your staff explain and demonstrate the techology to your clients. 


INDUO® provides hangers to have larger fabric surface, allowing you to have a better idea of the quality, properties and softness of our collection.