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In this box, you will find one sample of every INDUO fabric available in stock service

Each page is in A5 format (21 x 14.9 cm). Each fabric sample is 12 x 12 cm.

The samples are displayed into a white cardboard box (23 x 18 x 4 cm) with the "INDUO" logo embossed in black on top of it.

You will also get a small glass container with a dropper so you can make demonstrations in your store or to your team. You can fill up the container with water and use it to place water drops on the fabric's surface to demonstrate its repelling performances.


Article made in France.

Sample - Box

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All stock service fabrics:

    100C-T1-01 PREMIUM White

    100C-T1-03 PREMIUM Sailor Blue

    100C-T1-05 PREMIUM Night Black

    100C-T1-07 PREMIUM Parisian Blue

    100C-T1-08 PREMIUM Riviera Blue

    100C-T1-12 PREMIUM Versailles Blue

    100C-T1-13 PREMIUM Provence Blue

    100C-T1-14 PREMIUM Provence Navy

    100C-T1-19 PREMIUM Air Blue

    100C-T1-20 PREMIUM Navy

    98C2E-T1-01 PREMIUM STRETCH White

    98C2E-T1-03 PREMIUM STRETCH Poppy Red

    98C2E-T1-05 PREMIUM STRETCH Celestial Blue

    98C2E-T1-07 PREMIUM STRETCH Ocean Blue

    98C2E-T1-09 PREMIUM STRETCH Khaki Beige

    98C2E-T1-14 PREMIUM STRETCH Provence Navy

    100C-T2-01 ROYAL HERRINGBONE White

    100C-T2-02 ROYAL HERRINGBONE Ice Blue

    100C-T3-01-80/2 ROYAL OXFORD French Blue

    100C-T5-01 BARI White

    100C-D1-01 DIAMOND DOBBY White

    100C-F1-03 END-ON-END Atlantic Blue

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