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INDUO® can provide you with free labels. They constitute proof for your customers that your garment is in fact made with INDUO® patented technology.


This label shows the composition of the fabric (100% cotton OR 97% cotton + 3% lycra). On the right hand side of this page, please choose which composition should be written on the label according to the fabric you have ordered.This way, the label will indicate the correct composition.


Here is a reminder of the composition of our different fabrics

- Diamond Dobby: 100% Cotton

- End-On-End: 100% Cotton

- Premium Bari: 100% Cotton

- Premium Stretch: 97% Cotton - 3% Lycra

- Premium Twill: 100% Cotton

- Royal Herringbone: 100% Cotton

- Royal Oxford: 100% Cotton

Woven label C

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Flat woven label, no border

    Composition: 100% cotton

    Dimensions: 7,7 x 1,8 cm

    Weight: 0.255 g


    Click here to consult the technical sheet.

  • Buttonholes or collar

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